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Komili... From 1878 to the present day

Komili’s story began in Lesvos Island. At that time, the island was the land of the Ottoman Empire. Hasan from Komi was making a living through producing soaps and olive oil in Lesvos Island. Due to the requirements of the population exchange after the Lausanne Treaty, the family immigrated to Ayvalik and Komili’s story continued from there.

At those years in which the concept of a “brand” did not even exist, Hasan Komili started off with the motto “With a low quality product, you deceive the buyer once, but you deceive yourself forever”, and he threw the seeds of the Komili brand that would last for generations. Holding the belief that just like an olive tree, if a brand is pruned at the right time, it will be immortal; the brand always moved ahead of its time. The innovational and high quality stand of the brand was never dismissed.