Komili Logo

Our Values

We are aware of quality;

  • We offer our consumers easily accessible, high quality products and strong brands with the best service.
  • We follow the best practices in the sectors in which we operate and aim to do better.
  • We constantly increase the quality limit in production and service stages..

We are competitive;

  • We always start tough races in the areas where we operate.
  • We aim first in every field.
  • We are fast and agile. By working hard and surpassing ourselves, we offer our customers the best, first.

We succeed together;

  • We respect individual differences and work as a single team for the same goal.
  • We consult each other, learn together and improve our skills.
  • The success of all of us is the success of our company.

We are focused on the result;

  • We set challenging targets that serve our vision and mission.
  • The point where we reach a result is above what is expected from us and better than the previous one.
  • With our determination to succeed and our diligence, we put our hearts into what we do and exceed the result we aim.
  • We compare our performance both within ourselves and with our competitors and aim for the better each time.

We take our power from change;

  • In response to changes and innovations, we research, support and implement new ideas with our entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We shape our innovation power with different skills and knowledge.
  • We increase our mobility by identifying new opportunities in the market and rapidly adapting to change.
  • By leading change, we create new markets and determine trends.
  • We embrace new and different ideas.